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Jetletter PSL

Database Direction are proud to announce their partnership with Jet Letter LLC, a leading US provider of software solutions for variable data document production (VDDP).  We are the sole UK distributor for Jet Letter PSL, a new breed of high level structured programming language specifically designed for the VDDP market. 

PSL is Jet Letter’s latest addition to a range of tried and tested ‘merge engine’ systems which enjoy a dominant share of the US merge engine market.  Producing PDF and PostScript data format, PSL is particularly well suited for laser printing and presentation to the web, and provides functionality for output to single printers or cluster printing systems.

PSL is ‘enterprise grade’ software suitable for inclusion in the work flow of all sizes of organisations. The robust feature set and software architecture allows users to perform advanced typesetting, word processing, image manipulation, tabular data formatting and document production functions based on variable data drawn from almost any source and delivered by almost any means.

For a more detailed insight in Jet Letter PSL, please visit the Jet Letter LLC website at:

If you would like an online or personal demonstration of the software (or a free trial to test the system for yourself), please call us 0845 094 0733 or send an email to: